Plumbing Tips

Helpful tips straight from The Plumber!

  • Outside faucets – During cold months, be sure to remove hoses & adapters from outside faucets.
  • Toilets – Do not put any type of cleaners in the tank portion of your toilet. These chemical products are actually difficult on toilet tank parts & may shorten the lifespan. Also, do not flush flushable wipes or feminine hygiene products as they may cause serious clogs.
  • Garbage disposals – Refrain from chemical cleaners. A little lemon juice & ice will clean the disposal just as well & cheaper! When using your disposal, be sure to run your water for 15-30 seconds prior to turning the disposal on, during disposal use, and 15-30 seconds after you shut the disposal off. Remember, no stringy fruits & veggies or peels, and be sure to run plenty of water with potato skins or pasta.
  • Main water shut-off – Do you know where your main water shut-off is? If not, find out. If you have a serious leak, you can shut the water off to your home and spare your home major water damage.
  • Kitchen sinks – Having trouble with the basin of your sink scratching? Consider a sink basin grid. These grids are recommended by most manufacturers and help protect the bottom of your sink from excessive wear and tear.


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